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Dar El Tarbiah schools are proud to have more than 50,000 alumni who are leaders in every kind of business and industry worldwide.

For those who don’t know, alumni derive from the word alumnus; which means a graduate of a school or university. However, the proper meaning for alumni department is an association of graduates, or more generally, of former students.

It was mainly organized to support the interests of the University and the friendly intercourse of its graduates.
We invite you to discover the many opportunities available, from on campus events or across the country, to educational programming. Alumni department tends to organize social events, training courses, publish newsletter and magazines, to create job opportunities, inspire dreams and build future.

Alumni form an integral part of the schools community and your outstanding accomplishments continue to increase the value of the education degree and strengthen the reputation of the entire School.The Office of Alumni Relations and the Alumni Society Board of Governors are dedicated to providing opportunities that engage, educate, and connect alumni to the School and each other. However, the network is only as vibrant as the people who participate so regardless of whether you live in Egypt or other country we encourage you to stay involved!

More importantly, we will appreciate your cooperation and will be glad to have you as Alumni


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