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My son Omar Wael Mahran is a grade 10 student at the school ( zamalek) and he wrote something on FB that I thought you , as the school that brought him up since KG, would very PROUD of... It goes like this : "Last time I wrote about the parent-child relationship, and how it affects how teens nowadays are acting and taking decisions. This time, I'm going to talk about the lack of having an aim among teens. If you attend a school day at any school, for example my school(which is not the default), and watch what the students do throughout the day, you will find that the main aim of 90% of the students is to finish the school day without any problems. This percentage of students begin to study a week before the exams, and MIGHT eventually pass the exams. After all, their main aim is to finish the school year without failing in any subject. Apart from school, sports are also being abandoned. I have seen MANY teens quit their sports to follow the other disgusting habits of "popular teens" who want to live a "happy life" without their parents involved, or any school or sport progress. They don't want to achieve any thing in life rather than being the "leader" of their group of friends, who decides where to hang out on Thursday, and chooses who goes to the outing and who doesn't. I CAN NOT believe that 16 and up to 20, maybe 25 year olds are spending most of their time "3al ahwa" instead of doing ANY THING that matters. I admit it is a very contradicting situation, but I'm as bewildered as you are. I can not advise anyone to do anything at the time when any meaningful saying is ridiculously ignored and abandoned. The teens I have been talking about in the last 3 paragraphs are provided with all possible needs and essentials. Yet, they do not appreciate what they have and insist on making GOD take those blessings away. Our youth are aimless, and are only existing without making any useful contribution to the society or to any thing or anyone. I still haven't mentioned the children and teenagers who don't have schools and work at their young ages to survive. I know it's a dramatic situation, but we should all end our denial and face what we're dealing with. However, I'm not asking anyone to take any action or find a solution to this problem, I'm just sharing my thoughts with you. Note: There are many details I did not mention, because some of you might feel uncomfortable knowing such details, and i promise you all that I will do my best to make a meaningful contribution to the society in any field, as long as i live. If you have reached this part, thank you for your time and I hope it wasn't a very long writing this time." N.B: I am a Dar el Tarbeya GCE graduate myself !

Heba Mohamed

انا ولية أمر احد طالبات مدرسة دار التربيةواشرف بان اقدم خالص الشكر و التقدير لهيئة التدريس فهم علي مستوي عالي من الخلق و العلم و أخص بالشكر الاستاذ المبجل كاظم معلم مادة الفيزياء و الاستاذة الفاضلة سلوي معلمة مادة الرياضيات و الاستاذة الفاضلة نيبال معلمة مادة علوم الحاسبات و الاستاذ الفاضل عادل السمري ندين لهم بكل التقدير و الاحترام

Mai  El Shamy

Dar El Tarbiah gave me the chance to find where I wanted my place in the world. It gave me the understanding to be able to see the world in different perspectives. I found the person I wanted to be at Dar El Tarbiah and took that knowledge to help me throughout the rest of my life.

Fareda Gamal
TA. MSA University

My experience at the Dar El tarbiah IGCSE School turned out to be crucial to my development. Adolescence is such a sensitive and formative time in life. The gravity of the choice a parent faces for who is allowed to nurture and support their child's growth through this period cannot be understated.

Tarek Khalel
Marketing Manager

Dar El Tarbiah IGCSE School will always have a special place in my heart. It was there that I first learned that I could do things I never thought possible: ride 50 miles straight, take the lead role in a play, or script, shoot, and edit a movie.

Adel El Sherbiny
Software Engineering

Dar El tarbiah IGCSE School has positively shaped and affected me more than any other educational experience to date. I believe that the experience that Dar El tarbiah offers is irreplaceable and crucial during the transition from childhood to young adulthood due to the installment of important core values that are relied upon as a guide everyday.

Marwan Fares
Software Engineering


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